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Funding Sustainable Growth
For the Regional Economy

The Generation Foundation works collaboratively to help revitalize the Northeast Ohio economy and improve the quality of life for all of its four million citizens. It has made over $1.8 million in grants to early-stage nonprofit economic development organizations in life sciences, emerging technologies, innovative and advanced manufacturing, technology transfer, environmental remediation, and sustainability in the use of energy and water resources. Usually these are start-up organizations that would find it difficult to get other funding. The Foundation has worked with 50 other donors so that grants to organizations for which it was an initial funder have been leveraged by an additional $44 million in follow-on funding in addition to capital investments.

What's New....

On June 13, SEA Change held its first event called SecondFriday. Over 100 aspiring social entrepreneurs came to the LaunchHouse with ideas for social enterprises that included a teahouse operated by at-risk youth, a chemical-free apiary (bee farm) that advances STEM education in young woman, and a science/math curriculum in comic book form product. Throughout the day, the attendees had opportunities to learn more about their impact area of interest (e.g. environmental sustainability, community development, prisoner re-entry, local food and urban agriculture) and heard insights on what a social enterprise is and what it does from serial social entrepreneur Joe DeLoss from Columbus. Additionally, the attendees received training on the social enterprise business model canvas, received one-on-one mentorship and networked with one another to build connections and resources. 

For SEA Change, the rest of the summer consists of more work to be done! SEA Change will hold its second SecondFriday event on July 11th with a slightly modified format, review applications throughout August, provide more hands-on social enterprise training to the top applicants and finish the year in the fall with a big event where the best teams will pitch their ideas. 

For more information, visit www.seachangeneo.org.

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